It's Our Process
Great design is more than a set of drawings. At IIG, we foster a studio culture that imagines, creates, and delivers. Our goal is to tell our clients’ stories through an artistic lens that ultimately brings to life a space you can experience with all senses. Our services include interior design, procurement, and branding. Learn more about our talented team below.



Visionary Leader, Client-Focused

As the CEO and founder of IIG, Patti brings 30 years of experience, passion, and excellence to the design industry. She is a true visionary and progressive thinker, promoting the growth and success of young professionals in our industry while successfully building a team and portfolio of work that exceeds all expectations. IIG is more than a studio: it is a culture of award-winning innovative force. As one of the top interior architecture firms in the hospitality business, IIG balances a powerhouse creative team with meticulous design execution.


Sr. VP of Design

Creative Leader, Dynamic Storyteller

With deep expertise in hospitality design and project management, Leslie—a 2011 Boutique 18 honoree—brings to IIG an extensive knowledge of major hotel brands, with a focus on the luxury and boutique hotel market. Leslie guides the team’s design and creative direction with her trademark passion for storytelling, leading to one-of-a-kind designs that set IIG apart in the industry. Understanding how a person experiences a space, evoking an emotional response to the design, and engaging all the senses drive Leslie in her design process. As the Sr. VP of design, Leslie oversees all design for IIG in both the Indiana headquarters as well as our South Florida studio, ensuring that IIG maintains high quality and exceeds client expectations.


VP of Operations

A Builder of People, Teams, and Worldviews

With 15 years in executive-level operations with luxury hotel groups, Michelle continues to ask, “How do we improve and keep moving forward?” As part of IIG, her genuine energy and sense of humor can be infectious, but Michelle proactively and tactically plans ahead, taking a global overview of each project in design or procurement, connecting each business element. She believes in process and progress; most of all, she believes in people.


VP of Procurement


Cultivated Oversight with Adept Skillset

Serving within the industry for over 30 years, hospitality procurement has simply become second nature for Guy. His vast portfolio of experience has helped to shape and define his industry knowledge and understanding. Guy leads with creativity, integrity, accountability, and respect – perfectly aligning himself with the core values of IIG. He continuously leans into his experience and knowledge in order to guide IIG’s team and projects with well-seasoned leadership and couth.


Chief Financial Officer

Methodical Resource, Analytical Leader

Nick’s methodical approach to process and high-powered functionality continuously benefit not only the finance department, but also IIG as a whole. With the ability to develop and navigate through heavily detailed analytics and reports, while also leading and guiding a high-performing team, Nick’s skillset has proved to be an invaluable resource. His passion surrounding finance, process and people, in correlation with previous finance experience, make Nick a trusted and respected leader.


Director of Design

Design Expertise, Delivered with Precision

Technical process, management, and solutions bring our creative ideas to the built world. Keith leads our talented team in all aspects of the design process, including concept, detailed documentation, technical expertise, and project management. Keith’s hands-on approach to problem-solving and client communications ensures the successful delivery of every project at IIG.


Director of Design

Creative Guidance, Passionate Design

Jamie’s interior design experience spans retail, multi-family, and hospitality — domestic and abroad. With hospitality as her true passion, she enjoys the challenges and creative possibilities that hospitality design offers. Jamie meets these creative challenges using her design, leadership, and project management skills to direct design in the South Florida studio.